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Fighting for Jobs​
Congressman Butterfield believes the economy should benefit all Americans, not just a few.
Fighting for Quality Education
Congressman Butterfield believes everyone deserve a high quality education. ​
Fighting for Affordable Health Care​
As a member of the Energy & Commerce Committee, Congressman Butterfield is fighting for affordable, quality health care for all Americans. ​
Fighting for Voting & Civil Rights
Congressman Butterfield believes that we have to protect the right to vote fight attempts to make it harder for people to participate in our democracy.


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Meet GKB

G. K. Butterfield has served the people of the First Congressional District of North Carolina since being elected in 2004.


G. K. Butterfield has spent his career fighting for jobs, quality education, affordable health care, and civil rights for all.


Join the campaign and be part of the most important election in our lifetime.




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